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How to Get Your Buyer Bonus Packages?

First of all thanks for visiting Digital Reviewed. We always try to provide value to our user and as a part of it we currently managed four bonus packages (value $25,000+) for our users. There are only 4 easy steps to claim your bonuses…

  • Buy at least one product from our site (We recommend you to delete the cookie before you buy product from our site. Just press Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  • After completing your buying process just forward the payment receipt at: [email protected]  or you can contact us via our contact form.
  • Don’t forget to mention the bonus package name that you want.
  • You will receive your bonuses within 12-24 hours. (Most of the time it's within 2-4 hours)

If you want to get all four bonuses at once then you have to buy at least 3 or more products from our site. Just buy 3 or more products and follow the 4 steps we discussed above. You will receive your bonus within 12-24 hours but sometime it is within only couple of minute.

Currently we have 4 bonus packages.... 

Thanks for visiting us.

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